History:  I was 15 years old when I started my own photo work. My first paycheck from a high school summer job went into the purchase of a new 135mm Mamiya SDLR camera. I learned to develop my own B&W film at the Army Arts & Craft Center. Then learned to print my own photographs, the processing of color and slide films.

 When I became a Special Agent, I photographed most of the crime scenes and autopsies. I became a subject matter expert for the courts with over 1,400 crime scene cases photographed and processed. I worked on extremely sensitive cases that gave me the trusted reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.

 I received numerous awards as a photographer of the year and creativity awards. My work has been printed in magazines and publications to promote excellence.

 When the film development moved to the digital footprint, I progressed to aerial photography by the use of drones. Not just any drones, but an aircraft designed only for quality imaging in mind.

My drone was professionally designed and manufactured for camera recordings. This drone is not a toy but a very expensive unmanned aircraft with a 46” x 46” wingspan that can fly up to 2,000 feet in elevation (limited to 400 feet by FAA regulations). My drone has a FAA license number and I apply all safety regulation directed to make flying a safe operation for everyone.

Prices: My priced are competitive to the professional field. I will try my best to meet your budget. They are priced individually to each operation according to difficulty levels. Flights over water, at night or near power lines are more difficult than normal flights. FAA must approve all flights within 5 miles radius of any airport. This is not impossible but co-ordinations must be made.

Please provide your detailed requirement for an accurate estimate upon your request. Yes, I do travel to any State upon special request to record your project.